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We want to begin by saying how grateful we are that you've been able to experience God in a different way through Way Of Life LIVE! Over the course of this ministry, God has directed us to step into different areas of outreach and streaming our services live was no different. As we grow and expand, it is our desire that with each step we take, it is accomplished with excellence. For these reasons, we will be making a transition in our media dept that will affect our live streaming. We are not taking steps backward, we are moving forward! BEGINNING MARCH 14, 2012, we will not be streaming our services live. We will be recoring our services and providing you with the ability to access our archives and sermon clips on a greater level. We are excited about this transition in our ministry as this will give us the opportunity to provide you with spiritual tools at a higher level of excellence.

Our website will continually be updated to let you know how you can access our new archived sermon clips. Again, we are honored to be connected with you. If you ever have needs that we can pray with you about, we're always available to you through our church office or by email.


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My first visit was because a friend from work invited me. My second was because of the hospitality. Everytime since has been because of the presence of God